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Job Title:Product Manager

Job Responsibilities
1.Thoroughly understands the company's various products to provide effective solutions; Keep abreast of market trends in this field and understand competitors' products.
2. Prepare monthly sales plans of different customers and expand sales in potential fields and regions.
3. Carry out the enterprise plans and procedures for product promotion.
4. Attend various meetings with clients and trainings.
5. To build a good relationship with our customers to maintain corporate image.
6. Submit a detailed business report when having a business trip e.g. sales, interview.
7. Provide solutions to customers by referring to the product technology when they encounter problems.
8. R&D and test products according to the customers’ demands.
9. Track and collect customer payments every month.
10. Assist ad hoc duties and other tasks assigned by the company.

1. Graduate with a bachelor of degree, who is under 35 years old.
2. Enthusiastic, responsible, positive, result-oriented and willing to take challenges.
3. A good communicator and problem-solver who can maximize customer satisfaction.
4. A person who already has more than two years working in the same / related industry preferred.