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Job Title:Senior Assistant

Job Responsibilities:

1¡¢According to customer orders check inventory, coordinating work with customers to confirm delivery;

2¡¢The follow-up logistics delivery and return, the status of the delivery process for all coordination and handling;

3¡¢Collate customer information and data collaboration, to provide billing data and billing information to the Ministry of Finance, mailing invoices, tracking back section;

4¡¢Responsible for the production of sales reports, PPT documents, submissions preparatory meeting;

5¡¢To participate in all departments of the complete meeting minutes, track the implementation of the conference;

6¡¢Regular customer surveys submitted summary reporting;

7¡¢Product brochures finishing production sales;

8¡¢The leadership arrangements and other sales-related administrative work.

Qualifications :

1¡¢ College education, 35 years of age;

2¡¢ Have good writing skills and graphics production levels;

3¡¢Equipped to handle the problem, communication and difficult problems, will be a sense of service, to maximize internal and external customer satisfaction.

4¡¢More than three years experience in sales assistant medium-sized operators priority;