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Job Title:Financial Accounting

Job Responsibilities:

1¡¢Organize the preparation of the financial statements, the financial supervision and inspection of implementation of the plan, and to make truly reflect the higher level;

2¡¢Monitoring, projected cash flows;

3¡¢To supervise the revenues, costs, expenses authenticity, identify problems and timely report to their superiors;

4¡¢Control costs, analysis;

5¡¢Analysis to reflect the business and the performance of various departments, providing financial advice and decision support;

6¡¢The timely completion of tax returns and annual audit work, and to maintain good relations with the relevant agencies, departments;

7¡¢Report to the superior business conditions, particularly the financial revenue and expenditure, in order to provide superior financial analysis, financial analysis and preparation of reports;

8¡¢According to the relevant system, complete staff salary, commission accounting bonuses;

9¡¢The staff of the department and daily management;

10¡¢Also part of the personnel work and complete other tasks assigned by superiors.

Job requirements:

1¡¢College education, accounting, finance or related field;

2¡¢With comprehensive financial expertise, accounting treatment and financial management experience;

3¡¢Proficient national taxation laws and regulations, with excellent professional judgment and rich experience in dealing with accounting of project analysis;

4¡¢Familiar with international and domestic accounting standards, and related financial, tax, audit regulations, and policies;

5¡¢More than 5 years of general ledger and cost accounting experience and 3 years for small and medium commercial enterprises experience the same position;

6¡¢Office proficiency, especially basic functions using the familiar Excel.